New Years Eve – A Quick Retrospective

[Janus – The (Roman) God of Looking Forward (to the Future) and simultaneously Backwards (to the Past)]

Bidding adieu to 2014, we look back on some of the Allen Ginsberg Project posts of the past year. Well, they’re all important (you should spend quality time in our archives), but here’s (and they are, we stress, admittedly, kind of random) a few “selected highlights”: 

January saw Allen’s class on John Wieners, Robert Creeley’s Selected Letters, Fernando Pessoa, Pete Seeger, and that photo-sale to the University of Toronto

February  – William Burroughs’ birthday (well, the whole year actually, it was the William Burroughs Centennial), Neal Cassady’s birthday too – and don’t miss our tenderest Valentine

Kerouac’s birthday, Ferlinghetti’s birthday, Corso’s birthday, in March 

April, we began on the Russians – Mayakovsky, Akhmatova, Esenin

May – Gary Snyder, Bob Dylan, and Walt Whitman all have birthdays

June – Allen Ginsberg’s birthday – and Peter Orlovsky has a new (posthumous) book – and Allen shoots the breeze with Ram Dass, gets agitated in Ireland, gives a stunning reading in Portland  

July – Alex Katz, John Ashbery, Guillaume Apollinaire and Paul Verlaine

August – Andre Breton and Jack Kerouac and Jazz with Sam Charters

September Antonin Artaud, Nicanor Parra at 100, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen (at 80)

October it’s John Lennon, John Sinclair, Lenny Bruce, and another rip-roaring archival reading (this time at Texas State) 
oh, and not forgetting Gerd Stern and the Joan Anderson Letter, Gelek Rinpoche turning 75, Dylan Thomas (if he’d been alive) turning 100

November Francesco Clemente in India, Meditation and Poetics, Allen (rare footage from Scotland)

December More meditationVintage Beat GenerationThe Lion For Real

and the show continues…

See you next year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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