Ginsberg – Scribble

Kenneth Rexroth  (& Edith Piaf)

Here’s the very first poem that opens “The Lion For Real”  (published in Reality Sandwiches) – Kenneth Rexroth and Edith Piaf – a brief but poignant lyric, “Scribble”

Steve Swallow‘ s on piano, Michael Blair on guitar, Ralph Carney on clarinet.

Allen’s sleeve note – “Casual note, a long melancholic affectionate 1956 thought about the late irascible Bay Area anarchist Poet, Kenneth Rexroth, might be 4 A.M. in the soul that Michael Blair’s music mirrors”


Rexroth’s face reflecting human
           tired bliss
White haired, wing browed
           gas mustache,
                flowers jet out of
                      his sad head,
listening to Edith Piaf street song
           as she walks the universe
                with all life gone
                and cities disappeared
                      only the God of Love
                            left smiling
Berkeley, March 1956


Here (added bonus) a recent translation of the poem into Spanish:


A cara de Roxroth refletindo a cansada
           beatitude humana
A cabeleira branca, a sobrancelha arrebitada
           o bigode tagarela,
                as flores rebentando
                      de sua cabeça triste,
a ouvir as cantigas mundanas de Edith Piaf
           como se ela passeasse pelo universo
                com toda a vida ida
                e as cidades desaparecidas
                      somente o Deus do Amor
                            ficou a sorrir
Berkeley, março de 1956

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