Meditation and Poetics – 7

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Student:  Well, sometimes I think it’s  [the practice of sitting meditation is] unfair.
AG:  Well, why?
Student:  I think there’s some constructional concepts that you can hold onto,  that you don’t have to put them all out the door.
AG:  Well, the constructional concepts we want to hold onto here are, we’re breathing …
Student:  This is what I wanted to get to.
AG:  … and we’re taking down the … we’re recollecting thoughts on the breath….
Student:  I had a wonderful thought about breath that I wanted to….
AG:  Are you registered in this course?
Student:  I… I…
AG:  Are you paying?  Is this for free, or are you paying to do this?
Student:  I’m thinking about it.
AG:  I see.  You’re shopping!  Okay.  Go on. [Allen (conspiratorially) to the rest of the class] – Maybe we can suck him in!  Yes, what do you want?….  Go on..
Student:  (No), this glass of wine, and then concentrating on the breath, the sip, and then the release of the breath after the sip, is a nice way of thinking about that breath, too.
AG:  I’m not following.  Can you….
Student:  You take a sip of wine or a sip of water, and then you take a sip through your mouth and you release the breath through your nose. 
AG:  I see.  You’re still hung on this thing from mouth to nose, instead.  It’s a little irrelevant to what we’re trying (to do here).  We’re trying to simplify rather than complicate.
Student:  That wasn’t complicated.
AG:  I still don’t follow it.
Student:  (You were talking about) centering the breath by breathing..
AG:  No, I’m not talking about centering it, either. 
Student:  No?
AG:  I’m talking about just recollecting that you’re breathing out your nose.  Breathe out the nose and recollect it when you can.  As a method. 

[Audio for the above may be heard here, beginning at approximately thirty-one-and-a-quarter minutes in and continuing to approximately thirty-three minutes in]    

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