Meditation and Poetics – 10

Buddhist Practitioners (students of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche) – Shambhala Training – Land O’ Lakes Seminary, 1976, Land O’Lakes, Wisconsin

Student: I just wanted to know… like, you’re a famous poet, okay?

AG: You’re day-dreaming.

Student:  I’m day-dreaming, yes, okay..

AG: You see, I hadn’t thought about that, and maybe most of the class..

Student: I’m thinking…

AG: ..was involved in the subject, I think, at this point..

Student; I’m thinking of the stimulus. I’m thinking about you as a stimulus to come out, you know, you create, you create with your words, you create imagery. You take things that happen. I do that. I’m very similar. I get a flow (my name’s Allen too), I get a flow and I hear it all around, and then you bring it to tone, and then you start from the self, and then you work out – or do you work out – to the self, is what I’m…

AG: Actually, not really. I think you misunderstand.

Student: Really?

AG: I’m starting from the no-self

Student: No self. Okay.

AG: Yeah.

Student: Right

AG: Then you’re bringing up self.

Student: Yeah, okay.

AG: So what I’m saying is we can forget self.

Student: Okay, That’s what I wanted to get into.

AG: You forget self. That’s the whole point.

Student: Yeah. Forget self.

AG: We don’t have to bring it up.

Student: Yeah.

AG: Except it comes up, like an object, like a microphone.

Student: Okay

AG: Okay, Allen?

Student: Thank you.

[Audio for the above can be heard here beginning at approximately  forty-one-and-a-quarter minutes in and concluding at approximately forty-two-and-a-quarter minutes in] 

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