Happy Birthday John Sinclair

From the 1995 retrospective of the pioneering ’70’s Detroit rock band, The Up Killer Up! – this bonus cut – “Prayer For John Sinclair”, an agit-prop chant by Allen GinsbergIt’s 1971 and John Sinclair (“Ten for Two” – ten years for two joints!) is, most definitely, a political prisoner.So hear him (Allen) intone:  “Trick or treat. Year after year. Literary persons, Ed Sanders, Robert Creeley, myself organization, the American chapter of PEN Club representing one  thousand one hundred writers have petitioned the state of Michigan for release of poet-musician John Sinclair from entrapment by police courts jails – … Read More

Expansive Poetics – 119 – (An American Place)

So, actually, what we’re all talking about in terms of spiritual revolution is, in a way, continuing the tradition of person – democratic person, taking his own life as sacred, and being treated sacredly by neighbors and by state, which Hartley pronounces, after (Walt) Whitman, and (about) which he agrees with (William Carlos) Williams and that whole group, looking for an American place, looking for a place for themselves. And that terminology of “place”, you’ll see continual in (Charles) Olson and (Robert) Creeley – that’s one of Creeley’s favorite words – “place”. And, for him, it’s not only … Read More