Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 195

[“William Burroughs with a Jack-O-Lantern he carved with a hatchet, October 31,1996″ – Photograph by Philip Heying – c. Philip Heying via Burroughs 100]October 31, it has to be said, always makes us feel a little schiz-y. It’s the anniversary of the birth of the English poet John Keats and the celebration of that great Howling night, Halloween.Regarding the former, we’re happy to announce that the entire text of Allen’s crucial essay, “Negative Capability – Kerouac’s Buddhist Ethic” (“negative capability” is, of course, John Keats’ memorable phrase) is now back and available on-line. Regarding the latter, well, … Read More

Ezra Pound’s Birthday

Two clips from the Pound Voices and Visions film today, since it’s that time again – Ezra Pound‘s birthday. Check out previous Pound Birthday postings on the Allen Ginsberg Project here, here and here. The centrality of Pound (il miglior fabbro“)  and the “problem” of Pound  (“that stupid suburban prejudice of anti-Semitism”, to quote the poet himself, in his rueful later years)  neither will go away.Read More

Francesco Clemente

[Allen Ginsberg (Portrait)  1982-1987 – Francesco Clemente – Water-color on paper 14 x 20 ins]

Six beautiful images from Francesco Clemente’s web-site today (all from the ‘Eighties). One water-color portrait and five elegant collaborations (three from Black Shroud, one from White Shroud, and a concluding work, from “Images from Mind and Space“). No particular reason to be featuring Clemente today, other than that these are breath-taking images. Reason enough. A previous post on The Allen Ginsberg Project on Francesco Clemente, incidentally, may be seen here [from “White Shroud” – Allen Ginsberg &  Francesco Clemente, 1983 – Ink, pencil, water-color … Read More

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon (1909-1992) on Allen Ginsberg: “I met Allen Ginsberg the other night. When I’d seen him in Tangier, he was with his boyfriend and said to me: “Will you paint a portrait of us on the job?”. And I said: “Well, this is going to be awkward, Allen, how long can you hold it?” Anyhow, nothing came of it, and when I saw him the other day he reminded me of this and he  said: “Now I’m here for another month, will you do a portrait of me? Well, the thing is, he’s got a very heavy beard now. I know … Read More

Dylan Thomas Centenary


Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)
October 27 – The Dylan Thomas’ Centenary – One hundred years ago on this day…
Allen Ginsberg-Dylan Thomas. Here’s Allen’s account, “Late April 1952” from Journals, Early Fifties, Early Sixties of a booze-fueled (natch!) brief-but-frustrating encounter. Allen was 26 and Thomas 37. Thomas would be dead by November the following year.. 

“Left Dylan Thomas and someone else with a big bruise on right forehead – thin mediocre type – in cab on 6th Avenue, 15 minutes ago.

I was in San Remo sitting relaxed towards closing time when they walked in. I only half-recognized him when
Read More

Gelek Rimpoche’s 75th Birthday


Tomorrow – Gelek Rimpoche‘s 75th Birthday – This evening in New York City there will be a special gala event (with musical guests Paul Simon and Philip Glass, and more) hosted by the painter Francesco Clemente, a “diamond birthday celebration”, in his New York studio. On Sunday, in Ann Arbor, at the Jewel Heart Center, celebrations continue – Tenzhuk (Long Life) Puja at 11.00 a.m. and a Joyful Birthday Reception at 3.30 p.m. For more on Jewel Heart – see here For earlier notices on Gelek on the Allen Ginsberg Project – see here and … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up -194

[Kate Moss in her Bella Freud “Ginsberg Is God” fashion sweater]Merino-Wool-Ginsberg-Is-God-Jumper

Bella Freud is painter Lucian Freud‘s daughter and an eminent fashion designer. A while back we featured the sweater!

but, good lord, how could we have forgotten the candle?

ベラ・フルード(Bella Freud)テキスト入りガラスケースキャンドル Ginsberg 1

and how too to forget the perfume?

Ginsberg is God Eau de Parfum

Too easy to mock the advertising copy. So, let’s go ahead and mock the advertising copy – “For Men and Women” (well, at least no Beat sexism there!) – “Enriched with black pepper and elemi and infused with sacred woods and resins that act as the scents for temples … Read More

Philip Lamantia’s Birthday

Philip Lamantia‘s birthday today. He would have been 87. We take the occasion to remind you once again of Garrett Caples and Andrew Joron’s exemplary edition of the Collected Poems  Here’s the two of them giving a presentation on it (from September of last year) Here’s our own extensive Lamantia posting(s) – Allen on Lamantia – here  and here, here,  here,  here, and here

Happy Birthday in Eternity, Philip… Read More

Harold Norse

[ Harold Norse (1916-2009) – “Poet Harold Norse in his apartment kitchen, 157 Albion Street, San Francisco, May 28, 1988 – For HN with old affection from Allen Ginsberg- AH” – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg]

[Harold Norse executing a tour jete en l’air, circa 1938]

Harold Norse‘s Selected Poems have just appeared lovingly presented in an essential little edition from Talisman House. Here’s Harold singing the praise of William Carlos Williams and recollecting how he first met Allen“…Earlier, as a matter of fact, in 1944, Allen Ginsberg and I met on the subway in New York. it was about four … Read More

Gerd Stern 3 (Gerd Stern Remembers Harry Smith)

[Harry Smith with his mural, “Jimbo’s Bop City”, San Francisco, 1950 – Photograph by Hy Hirsch]

Gerd Stern: “It was a great success. The auditorium was always full; everybody paid except Harry Smith. Harry Smith was someone who was a spectacular creative being who died recently [1991]. I first met Harry–I think the first time I came to San Francisco he was working as a photographer for the Examiner, and he was living in a black hotel–he was pale white–in the Fillmore. He had done these way-ahead-of-their-time murals at Jimbo’s Bop City—which was just like it sounded–in … Read More