William Carlos Williams’ Birthday

September 17 is William Carlos Williams birthday. Williams has been featured pretty extensively on this blog (not the least as the focus of a whole lecture series by Allen –
“Mind, Mouth and Page” – here’s the first episode.

We cordially invite you to follow along with the entire lecture series  (check out, for just a few examples, here, here and here)

Here’s a few of the other Williams postings that you might have missed:

our initial Williams’ posting – “Spiritual Poetics

Allen’s 1975 William Carlos Williams Naropa class

our 2012 Williams birthday posting 

– William Carlos Williams’s “Thursday” (meditation)

– how could we forget the “Plums”?

– and “Young Sycamore” (“this is one that some of the painters like”)

and we love to tell this story! 

We’ve featured this footage before – but , why not? – here it is again (from the 1988 PBS series, “Voices and Visions”, after some brief words from Williams’ friend (and publisher), James Laughlin, Allen reading from Spring And All

There’s much more Williams here. We’ve randomly selected the following – the complete recording of his 1945 reading at The Library of Congress – but it’s all great!

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