Expansive Poetics – 118 (Do It – Jeff Nightbyrd & Abbie Hoffman & Florence Becker Lennnon)














[Jeff Nightbyrd,”Underground Press” maven]

AG: [to Jeff Nightbyrd] – What are you..  you’re in town for an underground media convention? Jeff Nightbyrd: We’re going to have an alternative tv network in America. AG: Uh-hmm Jeff Nightbyrd:  (The) FCC has licensed low-power tv stations – KBDI and Video West and Public Interest Video in Washington put together a conference of leading experimental video people (who) came… AG: Here in town (Boulder) or in Denver? Jeff Nightbyrd: Here. Well, in Boulder and at KBDI. We get… probably some … Read More

Expansive Poetics – 117 (No Future – (Punk Statements))

Student: Do you think that (punk) new wave (music) has God or has respect… AG: No, no, no, no. I think they’ve dispensed with the notion very wisely (though they may have dispensed with the heart also, unwisely) Student:  Yeah, I think they have.. AG: But not really, because you hear a lot of great stuff from (the) new wave (bands). The Clash, certainly, are totally political, totally heart-felt, I would say. To have to exist in a tough world they might appear tough, but they’re very very generous – totally. That was my experience of them, singing with Read More

William Burroughs at Naropa 1982 (Q & A – part two)

… in media res.. William Burroughs is talking about Joseph Conrad
WSB:  ….oh he’s a very great writer, my god!  He’s a great creator of character. You can see the characters – Elmer, Lingard… Not interesting people, for the most part, at all, but, like, neither is (are) (Jean) Genet‘s characters interesting in themselves but he manages a transmutation there that makes a really dull person like Willems in An Outcast of the Islands interesting -Lingard, they’re all dull people
Q: Do you see much of Genet at all?
WSB: No he’s very hard to find, he… I … Read More

William Burroughs at Naropa 1982 (Q & A – part one)

WSB: Well, I think we can now have some questions now..we’ve got about an hour left..
I don’t think we need a microphone (sic). Go ahead.
[Editorial note: Oh yes we do! – Many of the audience questions, as they appear on the tape, are considerably hard to decipher (even Burroughs himself has difficulties at times deciphering things). Burroughs himself … Read More


[T(homas) S(tearns) Eliot (1888-1965)]

 Today is T.S. Eliot’s birthday – In ’58 Allen made him an honorary “Ignu” (“Eliot probably an ignu one of the few who’s funny when he eats”) – and three years later, in “Journal Night Thoughts” – “Eliot’s voice clanging over the sky/ on upper Broadway, “Only thru Time is Time conquered”

– 27 years later, this, from a letter to Lucien Carr:

“Read biography of T.S.Eliot this week – he had same case (‘karma trap”), plus mad wife who rubbed both with ether, took morphine for nervous headaches and continually bled “purulent discharges

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Expansive Poetics – 116 (Jeff Nightbyrd)

AG: [turning to Jeff Nightbyrd] – You knew George Demerly [FBI informant]?.

Jeff Nightbyrd:  Very well AG: This, incidentally, is Jeff Nightbyrd, who was the editor of the New York Rat and the Dallas… 

Jeff Nightbyrd: Austin AG: Austin Sun

Austin Sun Jeff Nightbyrd: (and)  New Left Notes

AG: New Left Notes Jeff Nightbyrd: Right AG: And an early Weatherman, weren’t you? Jeff Nightbyrd:  No, I never was one of them. AG: You weren’t in it? Jeff Nightbyrd:  Austin Rag AG: Austin Rag. And we were all in jail together in 1972 protesting  Nixon in Miami, for a couple

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Expansive Poetics – 115 (Punk versus Beat)


[Iggy Pop]

[AG (to two exceptionally amorous students): If you guys are going to make love in my class.. I just get distracted all the time – sitting there hugging and kissing and fucking all the time…(please, take it outside)..] [continuing, from 1981 Naropa class] Student: How about new wave (rock ‘n roll music), do you think that could change the… AG: I think it (already) has – new wave. I think new wave (punk) is a definite step forward. It makes, it.. Like (the) Beat thing made use of a lot of early elements, from (William Carlos) Read More

Allen Ginsberg Punk Rocker (part two)


[Allen Ginsberg and Joe Strummer, backstage at Bonds International Casino, Times Square, New York, June 10 1981 – photo c. Hank O’Neal.]

Note: These posts – “Allen Ginsberg Punk Rocker” (parts one and two) first appeared on The Allen Ginsberg Project on June 23, 2011, and, due to technical problems, are now being re-posted

As Allen recounts it: ” (In 1981) I was listening to a lot of punk, and I’d heard about The Clash from Steven Taylor. I went backstage once at their 17-night gig at Bonds Club  on Times Square and Joe Strummer said, “We’ve had

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Allen Ginsberg Punk Rocker (part one)

Note: These posts – “Allen Ginsberg Punk Rocker” (parts one and two) first appeared on The Allen Ginsberg Project on June 23, 2011, and, due to technical problems, are now being re-posted

The Sex Pistols Anarchy In The UK was released on November 26 1976.
Less than six months later Allen Ginsberg was playing San Francisco’s
premier punk venue, Mabuhay Gardens.
Dirk Derkson, the legendary promoter, recalls:
“I told Allen Ginsberg on the night he came to the Fab Mab to see Jim Carroll that I thought punk rock was today’s poetry. Two weeks after, Ginsberg showed up … Read More

Expansive Poetics 114 – (Marsden Hartley – 3 )

AG: Ah, here’s a trillium. It’s got a little…Student (CC): FlowerAG: Uh-huh. Pass it around. Pass the little trillium around – [Allen continues reading Marsden Hartley’s poem on Lewiston, Maine] – “Drama number one,/ The image of all that was going to come after:/the death of the white kitten – /wrapping it carefully in something soft -/laying it gently in a wooden saltbox -/ fastening the lid down” – [(And you notice, that when he’s writing, he uses dashes (because it’s one thought after another thought after another thought, he hadn’t anticipated a long sentence, he’s just.. he could have … Read More