August 12 – (William Blake’s Passing)

“Lest you should not have heard of the death of Mr Blake I have Written this to inform you – He died on Sunday night [August 12 1827] at 6 o’clock in a most glorious manner. He said He was going to that Country he had all His life wished to see and expressed Himself Happy hoping for Salvation through Jesus Christ. Just before he died his countenance became fair – His eyes Brighten’d and He burst out in Singing of the Things he saw in Heaven. In truth he Died like a Saint as a person who was standing by Him Observed – He is to be Buryed on Friday at 12 in (the) morn(in)g – Should you like to go to the Funeral – If you should there will be Room in the Coach.”

(letter from George Richmond to Samuel Palmer, August 15, 1827)

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