Expansive Poetics – (Apollinaire’s Calligrammes)

AG: This is a fountain. “The Bleeding Heart Dove and the Fountain”. (La colombe poignardée et le jet d’eau) Can you see well enough to make this worthwhile to hold up? This is a book that came out in 1980,  Anne Hyde Greet’s translations of Apollinaire’s “Calligrammes”  I don’t think it’s ever been completely done before.

“The Little Car” (La petite auto)

The one that he has incised on his grave is one called Calligramme..renversée (Mon coeur pareil une flamme 


Here’s (the famous one) “Rain”… …. Here’s “Rain”. You have it in your books, but I don’t think you have the translation – “It’s raining women’s voices as if they were dead even in my memory” – That’s one line going down. “It’s raining you to marvelous encounters of my life. Oh droplets./ And those clouds rear and begin to whinny. Universe of auricular cities…”  (sound cities – auricular – A-U-R-I-C-U-L-A-R…)

AG:  Yeah, sound cities – “Listen to it rain while regret and disdain weep an ancient music./ Listen to the fetters falling that bind you high and low” –  So  “Il Pleut”.

So, on his tombstone he has the reversed heart. Let’s see. Here it is..called “Mon Coeur..  – No.. wait.. I can’t find (it)… (No, here it is..).. Well, later.

File:Tombe de Guillaume Apollinaire.JPG

[Audio for the above can be heard here beginning at approximately eleven-and-a-quarter minutes in, continuing to approximately thirteen-and-a-half minutes]  

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