Expansive Poetics – (Out-take – Nixon’s Paranoia)

Richard M Nixon (1913-1994)

So, a quick  “outtake” today, or “digression” (from our recent transcription (from 1981) of Allen, speaking  of the bureaucratic complicity and the institutionalized paranoia of the (Stalinist) Russian police state – “No hope Communism, No hope Capitalism” – He couldn’t help but point out its the American equivalent (America in the ‘Sixties – CREEP (the Committee for the Re-Election of the President), Nixon and Watergate)

AG: (It’s) just like trying to investigate the CIA now, or the FBI..I mean, you can’t send people to jail! – I mean, they might have killed people, they might’ve caused deaths in the Black Panthers in Los Angeles, they might’ve been part of shooting the Black Panther leader in Chicago in 1968 and everybody knows it and it’s been in the papers, but actually to get those guys on trial  and pin the smoking typewriter or the pistol on them in the United States would be.. would be not only inconvenient, but it would be embarrassing, and also “the good guys” wouldn’t feel right, (then President) Reagan wouldn’t feel right. That’s why he pardoned the FBI people. So in Russia, the bureaucrats who were all involved (similarly) in this sort of national mucus membrane blood network, they wouldn’t feel right, you know betraying each other……

Crime scene – FBI murder of Fred Hampton

They didn’t (even) have to be involved with (the revolt) (with Trotsky) to disturb the maximum leader. Just as, when Nixon was in the White House in (19)72, there was one guy, I think I mentioned this, there was a guy across the street, who spent a year in Lafayette Park in Washington, across from The White House, carrying a sign saying “Nixon – You’re A Baby-Killer”, or something. And it really freaked Nixon out. And he was very upset. it was a constant aggravation to him, because that was the reminder, you know, that he might be wrong, or.. Anyway, it had a disturbing effect on him. He actually asked the Secret Service to get rid of the guy, and the Secret Service said it was illegal, the guy had a right to be there, and so there was.. there’s quite a bit in the Watergate tapes about getting rid of the guy, you know, doing something illegal to get rid of him. He was getting a little freaky about it because nobody ever did anything about it but he got very upset, enough to…

Nixon approved a top-secret plan to increase electronic surveillance of anti-Vietnam War activists, authorizing the CIA, the FBI, and the military to intercept mail and lifting restrictions on break-ins.


In fact, the entire Watergate thing was just.. these guys got upset – so the water-supply in ChicagoAbbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin were joking with.. (because, obviously, it was a joke, they were never going to do it, this “we’ll  put LSD in the water-supply, if you don’t  let us meet in Lincoln Park” – that was taken seriously by all these very heavy paranoids in the government), and so, they… according to later records, they got really hung up and began making all sorts of giant preparations to filter the water-supply, and later the Plumbers Group. CREEP  group, or the Plumbers Group, Gordon Liddy, who had formerly been a persecutor of (Timothy) Leary at Millbrook. The Plumbers Group was formed to see if they could get rid of (Daniel) Ellsberg because Ellsberg was a critic and he had published the Pentagon Papers and he was now going around making speeches and he really knew the score (and they knew what he was saying was right) and it was a thorn in the side of war-makers (or what Nixon’s conception of what the war was supposed to be about) . So they went to his psychiatrist, Dr. (Lewis J) Fielding, and broke in, to find out if there was any history of homosexuality or LSD (use) in Ellsberg. That was the reason for the break-in. Which is, like, you know, when you come to it, really, is petty cash, small change, I mean, to go in and find out if someone’s dropped acid or sucked cock – really? – in order to keep your war going? – it’s totally ridiculous! That was originally one of the primary functions..  That was the original.. first big job that the Plumbers did.

So, these big guys, like Stalin, Nixon, (or anybody, me, you), are obviously disturbed by the least tremor of one single tiny voice (of Liddy!) in the corner saying What? We’re wrong!”  And everybody, you know.. Immediately the dictators freak out (because they’re just as vulnerable as anybody else). If one person’s going around in your neighborhood gossiping about you, wouldn’t you get upset?

[Audio for the above may be heard here, starting at approximately sixty-minutes in and continuing until sixty-and-three-quarter minutes in, continuing at approximately sixty-one-and-a-half minutes in, and concluding at approximately  sixty-five minutes in]

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