Saturday July 28 – Gay Pride

Gay Pride weekend this weekend. We begin by drawing your attention to this important posting.

We celebrate today with Greta Schiller and Robert Rosenberg’s 1984 documentary, Before Stonewall.  (Allen and poet Audre Lorde are among those featured).

Also hats-off to Kate Davis and David Hellbroner‘s 2010 doc, Stonewall Uprising (based on David Carter‘s exhaustive research).

45 years on from Stonewall – the pivotal moment in America for the establishmen of gay civil rights.

Here’s a profile of Allen on Dutch tv  ( from OUTtv):

Here’s the gay-themed “Jimmy Berman” (Gay Lib Rag)”

Here’s the cover of the wide-ranging Gay Sunshine interview with Allen Young, (originally published, in 1974, by Grey Fox Press)
(with a suitably exuberant inscription!)

Here‘s the text for our Spanish readers (translated into Spanish). The original text in English (too long to include here) is included and available in David Carter’s edition of Spontaneous Mind – Selected Interviews 1958-1966  (yes, the same David Carter!) – David’s extraordinary (and definitive) work about Stonewall, Stonewall – The Riots That Sparked The Gay Revolution is essential reading.

Here’s Allen, in 1994, on right-wing gay yearning

Saluting Gay Pride!

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