Some 1981 Naropa Planning

Michael Brownstein

Bobbie-Louise Hawkins

Merrill Gilfillan

Jack Kerouac

AG:… (Wednesday night there) will be (a) reading with Michael Brownstein
Student:  Seven p.m. in the library – free
AG: And then..tomorrow..that’s free. Then tomorrow night, it’ll be Bobbie Louise Hawkins
Student: Bobbie Louise Hawkins
AG: Bobbie Louise Hawkins here, whose racy dialogue is really interesting. She’s a good reader. She’s really interesting to hear – And href=”″>Merrill Gilfillan. Does anybody know much about him?

Peter Orlovsky: She [sic]’s not coming. I think they got a letter saying she can’t come, didn’t they?
AG: He. No, Merrill is here. Yeah
Student: And there are Sunday night readings.
AG: Yeah. There are Sunday night student readings to which everybody is invited to read their work and be criticized. Peter has been going to those quite often
Student: And they’re at Varsity Townhouse
AG: Six thirty p.m. – Varsity Townhouse, Room 113, right?
Student: Right
AG: Una’s (sic) apartment.
Student; And they’re not only to be criticized, but just to hear…for students to hear each other.
AG: Yeah, or talk about it or check it out. Yeah after year, those have been pretty popular. Sometimes they’re more energetic than others, and sometimes there’s more of a movenent toward that. When the faculty gets obnoxious, the students revolt and have their own readings. If you want to have a chance to hear yourself or hear other people among (you), that’s a good shot. And the faculty will be coming to those more as the term progresses.   Any other readings around?
Student: Donegan (evening)…
AG: Oh yes, there’s a poetic hosting party. Pat Donegan‘s house, again, as it was last time ime. That means all the poetics students are invited to scarf up some food, talk to each other, drink a little wine. There’ll be a little bit of explanation of what’s going on further in the future, in the Fall, at Naropa, if anybody’s going to be around. We’ll take suggestions for people to invite to teach and general discussion of the whole poetics program, so you can have some in-put into it. That’ll be on Sunday. What time?
Student: Three
Peter Orlovsky: Three
AG: Three p.m. Pat Donegan’s. And does somebody have the address?
Student: Ten twenty-one Grant
AG: Ten twenty-one Grant Street. Right up the street from the cemetery. You go up Ninth Street to the cemetery, to the end of the cemetery, take one block right and another block left. Ten twenty-one Grant Street. Pat Donegan – D-O-N-E-G-A-N – Anything else?
Student: (When is that?)
AG: Saturday
Student: August first.
AG: August first, this Saturday coming. There’s also going to be a large-scale Naropa participation in a Rocky Flats demonstration, the date of which has been changed from the Ninth to the Seventeenth of August
Student: At St. John’s Church
AG: At St. John’s Church here
Student: Fourteenth and Spruce
AG: Anybody else got anything to offer (so we’ve got all our business out of the way)?  Okay. Next.
Student: What time would that be?
AG: Oh, it’ll be the Nineteenth. It’ll be probably seven or eight o’clock (and we’ll have all-city collaboration)

And, as you may or may not know, we’re now beginning to plan next summer a 25th Anniversary Celebration of the publication of On The Road by Jack Kerouac, and we’re going to see if we can get enough money to invite (William) Burroughs, (Ken) Kesey, (Gregory) Corso, all the regular Naropa Beatniks, as well as Norman Mailer – and maybe Norman Podhoretz and William Buckley, all Kerouac’s old enemies and school-fellows, as well as his old publishers, from James Laughlin to Malcolm Cowley to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, as well as some of his old girlfriends who are now publishers [sic], as well as his daughter (Jan) who just wrote a book, as well as John Clellon Holmes, the novelist well as musicians he worked with – Zoot Sims and David Amram and Al Cohn, as well as some Denver friends of his who are still alive, hanging around – Justin Brierly and Ed White and Bob Burford, and..

Student:  (John Clellon) Holmes?
AG: Holmes, I just said.
Student: Bob Frank?: Robert Frank, yes. We’re going to invite Robert to teach film and show his films.
So, actually, try and gather together the entire Kerouac clan – survivors – and get a hundred thousand dollars from Coors [Editorial note – Coors Beers, based locally in Colorado] to do it!
Student: Money from Coors?
AG:  To get money from Coors to get (William) Buckley.
Student:  Yeah.  God!
AG: So that’s being discussed for next summer.

Student:  Allen, is that going to go on all summer, or…?
AG: No, probably what I think what we’ll try and do is schedule workshops (like Robert Frank) for a week or two before, and I’ll probably go back and teach “The Beat Generation 1953-1960”, that first time of the summer, and then probably late July or early August, we’ll have a week’s meeting, or four or five days meeting, with poetry readings. (We’ll) try to get (Gary) Snyder and (Philip) Whalen and (Michael) McClure, who worked with Kerouac, together here. In other words, all the poets who were influenced by him and a lot of the novelists who worked with him or were influenced by him, his publishers, the musicians, friends, because it’s the twenty-fifth anniversary. So it’s the Silver Anniversary. And also, see if we can plot out what work remains to be done, by the survivors, in the future and further generations.
Student: It’ll be the last end of the summer, or..?
AG: I think, yeah. I think there’s going to be an emphasis on.. I think there’s also going to be a Buddhadharma Meditation Poetry Conference, too, we’ll try and do right after that, if we can get (Gary) Snyder and (Philip) Whalen here and a few others – And (W.S.) Merwin also (because I’m going to be giving a poetry reading with W.S.Merwin in Mexico City on the 24th of August.

[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at the start  of the tape and concluding approximately six minutes in]  

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