Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 176

Allen Ginsberg at the Women's House of Detention. New York. March 1964.

Allen Ginsberg at the Women’s House of Detention, New York, March 1964 – Photograph by Benedict J Fernandez

Benedict J Fernandez, the photographer who snapped this iconic shot, is currently being celebrated in the Bronx (in “The 60’s – Decade of Change”) at the Bronx Documentary Center, till July 20.  An engaging interview with him (by Andy Prisbylla) appears here
Here are some selected photographs (“Incredible Images of 1960’s Protests”) on Slate. Further images may be found here.

Here is the New York Times profile of his extraordinary photographic career.

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Peter Orlovsky’s (posthumous)  book, A Life In Words, is coming out soon –  in just a couple of weeks. We, literally, can’t wait.
Here, as a “teaser”, like they say – Patti Smith‘s back-jacket encomium:

Peter Orlovsky”, she writes, “was the secret heart of the Beats. He wrote and roamed among them. This book [A Life In Words] contains unknown fragments of their world, the words of their orphaned angel.”

More on A Life In Words in a little while.

So the Zeitgeist – we’ve been holding out on this, but Mad Men (American) tv’s mega-hit show took a bizarre plot-twist this week – a psychotic break-down by Ben Feldman‘s character “Michael Ginsberg” (sic), the fast-talking, neurotic, Jewish, copywriter, who becomes convinced that “Monolith”, the enormous IBM office computer in the advertising agency, is somehow transmitting radioactive waves designed to turn everybody queer! He (Ginsberg)  presents “Peggy Olson” (played by Elizabeth Moss) with his severed nipple! (shades of Vincent Van Gogh?), before being carted away.
and this has what to do with Allen? – or Carl Solomon?

On the more serious (i.e real world) side of mental health there’s Project Ginsberg

See you next week.

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