Expansive Poetry – 59 (Heroic Loud-Mouthed Style)

Lilya Brik in Alexander Rodchenko’s poster for the Soviet publisher Gosizdat, 1924

[Lili Brik in poster designed by Alexander Rodchenko in 1924 for the Soviet publisher, Gosizdat]

AG: ..heroic style, loud-mouthed style, hot-air style, exaggeration style, post-Surrealist style, imaginative, hyperbole, rhetorical, ecstatic , inspired, open-mouthed, oratorical, oratory, dreamy, day-dreamy, fantastical, inspired  – (meaning inspiration, meaning breath). Inspiration-exhalation-expiration. By “inspired”, I mean breath – the quality of breath, which is unobstructed breath, or that breath known when the body is a hollow reed and the mind is unobstructed and improvisation and images flow through the body without check and with abundance. Expansive imagination. It’s a state of body and a state of mind that’s not unknown – it’s an actual state that people have experienced. It’s not an intellectual state, and it’s not necessarily an angry state, it’s generally a state of complete open breathing and lightness of body. (that would be the highlight, or touchstone, or reference point). Not all the poems that we are dealing with are so elevated or so inspired or so filled with air – which is why I said “hot air”. By “hot air”, I don’t mean bullshit, I mean heated air (heated by the body, I suppose) going out into space, carrying vibrations of the body. The idea of inspiration might be a footnote to Charles Olson’s conception of the poetic line as a projection of the body itself, as a projection of physiology (for those of you who are familiar with Olson) 

[Audio for the above may be heard here, starting at the beginning, and continuing until approximately two-and-three-quarter minutes in]   

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