Kill Your Darlings Outtakes

[2015 update – The “out-takes” featured in this posting are no longer available on You Tube. As noted in the text here, they are available on the DVD]

Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan, of course, but..

Allen (Ginsberg) visiting Lucien (Carr) in prison.
( “What’s it like out there?”),

one of several deleted scenes now available on the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of John Krokidas‘  Kill Your Darlings.

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Here’s another clip –  homophobia, sexism and racism in Columbia in the (19)50’s
(“slicing up the cake and…er?..licking the frosting?”)

the DVD/Blu-ray of Kill Your Darlings will be available in the US on Tuesday (April 3 in Australia, April 21 in the UK).

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  1. Of course it's all fiction. Ginsberg never visited Carr while he was in jail before his plea. One account says Carr's attorney only allowed Celine Young to visit him – it was a way to establish his heterosexual credentials since Celine was a looker. In a letter to his father Ginsberg repeated what Carr told Young – he was so drunk when the incident happened his recollection was hazy and a lot of the night was a blank. Interestingly, the Stanford University Ginsberg archive has a letter from Allen Ginsberg to Lucien Carr dated August 13, 1944. Why would he write to Carr since they saw each other all the time. Could it be an explanation or apology for the less-than-flattering things Ginsberg wrote in his journal about Carr that Carr had read that afternoon?

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