Happy 100th Birthday William S Burroughs

The William Burroughs Centennial. Author and visionary, William Seward Burroughs was born, exactly one hundred years ago today, on this very day. What better way to celebrate than by hearing his seminal Naked Lunch (in an authorized abridged version read by the author). This recording first appeared on a 3-CD set released by Warner Brothers in 1995, with an original score by Bill Frisell, Eyvind Kang, and Wayne Horvitz, and produced by James Grauerholz and Hal Willner

[2015 update – this recording of the abridged version of Naked Lunch read by William S Burroughs is no longer available … Read More

William S Burroughs & Junky (Canadian tv interview)


[Junky – cover for the Penguin “50th Anniversary Definitive Edition”(2003), edited with an introduction by Oliver Harris, and a Foreward by Allen Ginsberg]  

Here’s two short clips from Peter Gzowski‘s 90-minute interview with William Burroughs on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) – from 1977. WSB: ..but I really don’t think that there’s all that much continuity in human experience and, looking back on what I was, say, twenty years ago, or thirty years ago, I think.. I wonder, well, “who was that? why was he doing that?” and I don’t have the answer PG: You don’t have the answer? … Read More

William S Burroughs – Call Me Burroughs

William S. Burroughs week all this week, leading up to Wednesday, which will mark the one hundredth anniversary of his birth – and, just in time for that monumental occasion, a huge new biography by Barry Miles has just come out, 718 pages (“almost as long”, Wall Street Journal reviewer Henry Allen,  points out, “as Ted Morgan’s Literary Outlaw – The Life and Times of William S Burroughs (1988), which came out at 768 pages when reissued with new material in 2012″. Miles, himself, the reviewer notes, has already written one Burroughs biography, William Burroughs – El Hombre Invisible Read More

Allen Ginsberg Interviews William Burroughs – 2

[Allen Ginsberg with William Burroughs. Photo:  c. Jerry Aronson

ALLEN GINSBERG and WILLIAM BURROUGHS – TWO INTERVIEWS These two interviews both appear in the volume The Collected Interviews of William S Burroughs – Burroughs Live 1960-1997.  The first is dated 1980, with the location given as New York City. The second, also recorded in New York, a year later (and, in the Interviews book, with a title given to it, “Having To Put Out”), first appeared in Boulder’s Daily Camera.  James Grauerholz, William Burroughs’ secretary (and now heir and executor for the estate) appears in the first one. … Read More

Rene Ricard (1946-2014)


[Rene Ricard (1946-2014) – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg c.Estate of Allen Ginsberg  – courtesy Raymond Foye]

We received news yesterday of the death, at 67, of the larger-than-life, irreplaceable, Rene Ricard, poet, painter, art critic, scene-maker, ex-Andy Warhol super-star, subject of one of Allen’s most penetrating portraits (see above). The cause of death has been reported as cancer. As his friend, painter, Brice Marden, declared, speaking to the New York Observer, “Ricard was experiencing difficulty walking and went into the hospital about a week ago for a hip replacement – “When he went in they … Read More

Allen Ginsberg Interviews William Burroughs – 1

File:Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs.jpg
[Allen Ginsberg with William S Burroughs at The Gotham Book Mart, New York City, 1977]

Allen Ginsberg’s 1980 interview with William S Burroughs, quizzing him about his post Naked Lunch work (and probing him about the nature of “Spiritual Conspiracies”) – “Conversation on Sequence of Burroughs’ Books On Way To Stapleton Airport on August 18, 1980” – was excerpted and used that year as an introduction by Grove Press to their edition of “Three Novels – The Soft Machine, Nova Express and The Wild Boys” 

It also was included (in its entirety) in Sylvere Lotringer’s edition of The Collected Interviews

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