Some Ginsberg Animation & Illustration

Here’s a graphics-rendering of (the first part of) “Howl” (complete with Spanish sub-titles!) that’s been up there on You Tube for over five years now. [2015 update – it’s now been taken down}  That means you may very well have watched it – It also means you may very well might not have. Of all the, often well-meaning but not-necessarily successful “renditions”, we like this.

Of course, it doesn’t compare (surely entirely unfair to compare it) with Eric Drooker‘s “Howl”animations, featured in the 2010 Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman movie (James Franco is, of course, reading the poem):

and, while we’re at it, since we’re not sure if we’ve spotlighted it before:

Here’s John Leland in The New York Times reviewing The Beats: A Graphic History

Here’s Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing

Here’s Michael White’s review in Multiversity Comics.

Illustration by Ed Piskor from “The Beats: A Graphic History(2010)

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