“I Shall Be Released” (1980’s Woodstock Jam)

Happy Traum just put this up on You Tube, and we were all uplifted and figured that, without any further ado, we just had to share. To quote his accompanying note – “This is an excerpt from a benefit concert in Woodstock, NY in the late ’80s to honor our sister city in El Salvador. Rick Danko and Happy Traum are sharing the lead singing with other members of the (extended) Woodstock music community: Artie Traum (lead guitar solo) John Herald, Allen Ginsberg, Ed Sanders, Amy Fradon, Leslie Ritter, Mark Rust, Mikhail Horowitz, David Deusing, all singing along. Peter Schickele and Neil Eisenberg are on the keyboard.
Yes, that’s Allen glimpsed enthusiastically right at the beginning, and, indeed later on in the video. Oh, and I guess we should also give props to the (on this occasion, not present) author of the song.

thinking of February 11 1990 right now
but thinking of freedom from imprisonment and political repression everywhere

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