Allen Ginsberg Reads Terry Southern

Terry Southern reading from “Flash and Filagree” – “The Clinic” (included on the album, “Give Me Your Hump! The Unspeakable Terry Southern Record” released in 2001 by Michael Minzer on his pioneering Paris Records. See here and here and here for other Paris Records gems  Terry is joined on this track by the voices of Allen and the voice of the legendary Rene RicardRead More

Joanne Kyger’s Birthday

Happy Birthday! – Happy Scorpio Birthday – Joanne! – It’s the birthday today of the great Joanne Kyger. Her 2012 reading at the St Marks Poetry Project may be viewed here

A Naropa reading from the same year can be found here (and includes the following  “found piece”  – “Allen Ginsberg On His Search” – Allen Ginsberg, in Chile, 1960, staying with the poet Nicanor Parra outside Santiago – “I wish I knew who, if anyone, there is to work with who knows, if anyone knows, who I am, or what I am. I got so depressed after a … Read More

Stay Away From The White House

“Stay Away From The White House”, a new (videotaped) version (with Dutch sub-titles) has emerged, from 1980, taken off Dutch television. The original is from the San Francisco State University Poetry Archives, and was recorded in 1974. The song was composed on Christmas Day (December 25) 1973  It might be interesting to compare this with the official recorded version on First Blues    (and, indeed, with another version, recorded later that summer at Naropa – see here)


“Stay away from the White House/ Stay away I wish you well/Stay away from the White House/Or you’ll go to Vajra Read More

Ted Berrigan’s Birthday

[Ted Berrigan (1934-1983)]

Ted Berrigan‘s birthday. Ted adored Allen. Alongside the late-lamented Frank O’Hara, he was the one. Ted had this embarrassingly patriotic poetic tribal conceit, and in that context Allen was “the President” of Poetry (analogous to Allen’s own gleeful imaginative “shadow cabinet” – “Vachel Lindsay Secretary of the Interior/Poe Secretary of Imagination/Pound Secty. of Economics..” (Death to Van Gogh’s Ear)

a particular poetic form (a quintessential “New York School” form) – the list poem

OUR FRIENDS Ron: the tight-ass Dick: the insignificant Pat: the dowdy old lady Anne: the superficial sentimentalist Bill: the spoiled … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 152

Jean Jacques Lebel’s Beat exhibit (extended in Metz) now comes to Budapest, Hungary, to the Ludwig Contemporary Art Museum (it opened just last week, and will run there until January 12). Here‘s a variety of Hungarian artists, in individual videos, extolling the Beat ethos (it’s all in Hungarian, but for those of you who speak Hungarian…) – musician and tv personality, Varga Livius, poet-rapper, Peter Zavada, poets Tibor Babiczky and Karafiath Orsolya, and DJ Erelyi “Superman” Zsolt  (Lebel’s own introduction to his “jungle”, as he calls it (see above), a helpful survey of the show, (advance

Read More

Investigative Poetics – 10 (Conclusion)

[James Jesus Angleton  (1917-1987), Chief of the CIA’s Counter-Intelligence Staff 1954-1975]

AG: Well, ok, what does all this mean? [all this COUNTELPRO information]  – It means that.. Well, one thing it means that, see, their budget was enormous.I mean they had seven billion dollars a year, the CIA alone had seven billion. So there was a budget of anywhere between seven and twenty billion, who knows?  to employ millions of secretaries and lots of telephone bills, automobile bills, cars, mimeograph machines, people to write letters, specialists, agents who would analyze other agents work.  Almost every move that was made in … Read More

Investigative Poetics – 9 (Smoking Typewriters – 2 – “The Sixties”)

[National Guardsmen wielding rifles with bayonets advanced along Springfield Avenue in Newark on July 14 1967 – Photograph Don Hogan Charles for The New York Times]

AG: “Investigative Poetics, I think, at this point, would have to go into the whole cultural and social and political and artistic history of the “Sixties, (which was quite a vast, traumatic, revolutionary time), and re-investigate a great many things that happened of an intellectual-symbolic nature, to find out what was the story behind it. Because a great deal more of it was manipulated than we realize” and one of the major … Read More

Investigative Poetics 8 – (Smoking Typewriters – 1 – “Racial Matters”)



[SAC Albany, August 25, 1967] – FBI COINTELPRO Against Black Liberation Movement]


AG: So now I’d like to move on to some samples of prose by the Intelligence Agencies. These are documents (retrieved) under the Freedom of Information Act. As background to this, I should say that, in 1960,or (19)62, I don’t know what the proper citation is, J.Edgar Hoover got up at, I think the Republican Convention, and said that the three biggest threats to America were “the Communists, the Beatniks, and the egg-heads” (He actually said that – “the egg-heads”)   Student: Who are the egg-heads, specifically? … Read More

Investigative Poetics – 7 – (Conspiracy – Political Revelations)

[Santo Trafficante Jr. (1914-1987)]

AG.. I(‘ve) sort of concluded research on my own obsession with dope police state, with dope police, in about 1971. I presented a paper at the Institute For Policy Research [Institute For Policy Studies] in Washington DC, which is published in a book called Allen Verbatim, with myriad footnotes and references and it was a climax of my obsessional preoccupation with that subject, and I sort of got out of it since then, having laid it all on paper. But it forms a basis for a number of references in songs and poems … Read More

Robert Frank’s Birthday

[Robert Frank & Allen Ginsberg. 1989. – Photograph by Ai Weiwei –  Inkjet on Fantac Innova Ultra Smooth Gloss. Printed on 20 x 24-inch paper. Courtesy of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Chambers Fine Art]

It’s Robert Frank‘s birthday today. He’s 89 years old Previous Frank birthday celebrations on the Allen Ginsberg Project may be found here and here. Check out also here and here Gerald Fox‘s 2005 tv documentary, “Leaving Home Coming Home – A Portrait of Robert Frank” is rarely seen. As author and tv presenter, Melvyn Bragg, declares, in his introduction – … Read More