Iggy Pop


Iggy Pop, photographed here in his apartment at the Christodora on Avenue B, just down the street, in Allen’s old neighborhood, New York’s East Village, on April 14, 1990 There’s a delightful documentary from around this time (made by Dutch film-maker, Blam Van Splunteren) – Iggy showing the film crew around, giving them a guided tour, around what was then a decidedly different neighborhood!

Iggy – perhaps this is the ultimate Iggy footage – Iggy and The Stooges in 1970 at the Cincinnati Pop Festival. Iggy’s legendary crowd-surfing and peanut-butter smearing (!)

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Lou Reed

[Lou Reed – photographed by Allen Ginsberg – Allen Ginsberg caption: “Lou Reed Poet-musician Green Room makeup table Public Theater, New York, September 1984, invited by impresario Rose Lesniak above to be Master of Ceremonies, Premier of Poetry-Music Video clips by Anne Waldman (Oh! Oh! Plutonium) and myself (Father Death Blues)” – Copyright The Estate of Allen Ginsberg]


Lou Reed, Allen’s iconic backstage image, juxtaposing the brooding rock star with an equally brooding Samuel Beckett leads off an Allen and rock n roll week here on the Allen Ginsberg blog. It may be worth remembering the time when Allen

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McClure & DiPrima

[Michael McClure and Diane Di Prima in 1997 in San Framcisco “Remembering The Summer of Love”]

Following up from yesterday’s post (on Michael McClure‘s birthday), here’s two great San Franciscans, Michael and the beloved Diane di Prima (for more on Diane’s current health crisis – see here), reading on the 30th Anniversary of 1967, the fabled “Summer of Love”. Michael begins with a brief haiku – “NOTH/ING/NESS/OF/Intelligence;/silver/sunlight/ through/ closed/ eyelids”. Diane reads a poem for Timothy Leary and then follows it with her elegy to Allen –  “Allen Ginsberg – A Moment of Grieving”  – “Allen’s face … Read More

Happy Birthday Michael McClure













Michael McClure (ever-youthful) is four-score-and-one years old today! Happy Birthday, Michael! For a detailed webography and links to some of his extraordinary achievements see here  Next month sees the republication by City Lights of his classic long-out-of-print Ghost Tantras. We’ll be forgiven, we hope, if we once again, show this extraordinary footage:

Houston Donham at HTML Giant provides an advance review of Ghost Tantras and some observations on Michael’s continuing relevance – here 

Looking back on vintage Michael, there was, of course, his famously-controversial stage-play, from 1965, The BeardRead More

KYD Reviews Digest

John Krokidas’ Kill Your Darlings, opening this week in the US, has, presumably inevitably, given the casting  (Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg), garnered a welter of publicity, some of which we’ve already featured, but plenty of which we haven’t. So this weekend on the AGP (the Allen Ginsberg Project), a Kill Your Darlings Reviews Digest, starting with.. A.O.Scott in the New York Times – “Long before Allen Ginsberg became the benevolent bearded Buddha of the counterculture – and one of the most beloved American poets – he was a skinny anxious Columbia freshman who fell in with a … Read More

Randy Roark’s Postcards


33 20 postcards 2

33 18 postcards 1

Just over a year ago, we spotlighted Randy Roark’s memories of Allen on Newtopia.   That piece has now been considerably augmented. “A Poet’s Progress: Apprenticing with Allen Ginsberg: The Object Is To See Clearly” has now morphed (with the addition of further biographical and autobiographical materials) into “A Poet’s Progress – Life Lessons from Ginsberg, Snyder and Whalen“, and is very much worthy of a peruse, (not the least for a welter of captivating visual material). Allen’s postcards to Randy, scanned for the purpose of the article [we offer only the reverse sides here] make, naturally, for a … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 148

Kill Your Darlings opened this week in the US. In case you missed it, Here’s Daniel Radcliffe  – on playing the role of (the young) Allen Ginsberg   (from last Sunday’s New York Daily News):

DR: “When it comes to the character I play, one of the reasons I took this particular part is that there are parts of Allen Ginsberg that I can relate to. The character we’re showing in this film is universal because we see him at a time in his life that we all can identify with. It’s somebody finding out who he is, and
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Investigative Poetics – 2 (Ed Sanders – 2)

AG: There was a break-in into (Ed Sanders‘) house, where he kept all his stuff, and all his magazines and files and mimeograph stuff . Some of it was stolen. A lot of it was thrown around on the floor. And, at first, we thought, “well, maybe it was some meth-heads that resented him, or maybe it was local narcs, or.. who was it? – (Well), it turns out, years later, this year [1977] I went to Washington to visit a lawyer friend, Ira Lowe (who was the lawyer for a lot of the peace demonstrators in 1967, … Read More

Investigative Poetics – 1 (Ed Sanders)


A new Naropa transcript – “Investigative Poetics” – Allen Ginsberg sits in for Ed Sanders‘ June 9, 1977 Naropa class. He begins by speaking briefly on Sanders, giving a little of their (shared) background, recalling the ‘Sixties, and Ed’s legendary Peace Eye bookstore.

AG: I’m curious, though, how come you’re here? or, what’s the.. what’s your particular interest in this class? Are people here because they know of Ed Sanders‘ work? or.. how many here know his work already? How many know it from (knowing) him as a poet? And how many know of him from … Read More

Jello Biafra


[Jello Biafra – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – caption: “Jello Biafra (nee Eric Boucher) head of Dead Kennedys rock band, visiting N.Y. after obscenity trial (won by hung jury) over Art Illustrations to his “Frankenchrist” album. “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” and “Too Drunk to Fuck” were earlier Punk underground hits. He was touring, lecturing on Reagan-era Censorship moves. Late nights the “rebounding from the want ads, surprised scrutinized by candid surveillance camera”, recovering from flu, his open briefcase in small bedroom, pens clipped on to strap, old backstage tour passes posted inside, October 6, 1987″]

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