Gregory Corso Reads The Bill of Rights

Gregory Corso reads the Bill of Rights? – That’s right. Footage here from Jerry Poynton and James Rasin of Gregory, in April of 1992, atop a New York City rooftop (Roger & Irvyne Richards old building, and Gregory’s old hang-out, on Horatio Street, over in the West Village). Gregory is filmed reading from/commenting on/annotating – in his own inimitable style (sic!) – several choice selections from the (US) Constitution and the Bill of Rights – the Amendments!  – “the Amendments, they’re the big ball-game”.  (Thomas) Jefferson- “If he’d been in England at that time, he would have been a poet…but because he was in America, he was a politician – they didn’t have any poets then – but they had goody-gumdrops, like Tom Paine, Sam Adams, (Alexander) Hamilton – good people” –
Gregory’s conclusion? -“It ain’t bad, America, but, still, there’s something wrong”.
Planes fly by and distract him – twice! – “It’s the fuckin’ police!” – “The skies are filled wih seagulls and air-planes”.The footage was edited by Francois Bernardi, whose Corso and Huncke footage (including subsequently-released out-takes) is available for your perusal here

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