Ed(ward) Sanders

Ed Sanders 74th birthday today. [84 in 2023!}  We want to salute this indefatigueable cultural warrior, as he so eloquently and movingly salutes his beloved mentor Allen, here:

Here‘s a recent reading/performance, this past January in Buffalo, New York at the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Here’s two presentations/readings in New York,  following the publication of his Fug You memoir (at Boo-Hooray Gallery, and at St Marks Bookstore).

Some vintage ‘Sixties Sanders – here’s Ed, reading “Cemetery Hill”   at the Berkeley Poets Conference in 1965.
Here‘s Ed reading “Soft Man 1” and “Sheep” in 1966.

Here’s two from the ‘Seventies –“Investigative Poetry”  and “Yiddish Speaking Socialists of the Lower East Side”
– and Ed’s memorable contribution to Ron Mann’s Poetry in Motionan interview, followed by a performance of his uplifting hommage to Henri Matisse.

Did we mention Ed’s own You Tube channel? 

Here and here (two parts) is video of Ed reading in Connecticut (New Haven) in 1997

Clearly, we’re just scratching the surface.. An extraordinary prolific, omnivorous, creator.

There’s still so much more…

We might just highlight a few previous postings on the Ginsberg Project
–  here, here,  here, here  and here

Reality Studios Fuck You Press Archive is accessible here.

Wishing you, Ed, a delightful seven and four
– and more!

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