Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 141

Johnny Depp at Allen Ginsberg’s kitchen table, New York City, 1994. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Harry Smith with Flowers and Cigarette in the kitchen 437 East 12th Street NYC,  August 3, 1986. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Joanne Kyger, Allen’s kitchen, 437 East 12th St.NYC, November 1989 c.Allen Ginsberg Estate

Gary Snyder, 437 East 12th St kitchen table, March 1991. photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Peter Orlovsky 437 East 12th St, New York City, 1996. Photo Allen Ginsberg. c Allen Ginsberg Estate

Allen’s table. We’ve been contacted about Allen’s kitchen-table, historical hearth and meeting point, also setting for innumerable photos. Paul Seaton and Dorothy Shostak of Vermont now have it (legally!) in their possession and are looking to find it a home (either with an institution, or a private collector). “We would like to offer a percentage of any proceeds to Karmê Chöling and to a local community kitchen”, they write.
Contact them here for further details.

Here’s the first poster (just released this week) for Kill Your Darlings. The text/blurb at the top is from Entertainment Weekly – “An expressive, jazzy and ambitious movie, sexually alive and yearning. Daniel Radcliffe [Allen Ginsberg] is fearless and full of vitality. Dane DeHaan [Lucien Carr] is hot and dangerous.” Further (all – so far – positive) reviews can be seen here (at Rotten Tomatoes). Bob Rosenthals wise dissenting opinion may be seen here.  October 18 is release date.

An earlier, more sedate one (“Before he could become a great poet he had to live life” is the tag line) has also been circulating.

Footage of  the Patti Smith-Philip Glass Ginsberg hommage earlier this month at the Edinburgh Festival – here.

A glimpse from Jean Jacques Lebel and Xavier Villetard’s “Beat Generation: Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs” film – here.

Bea Kozera dies, aged 92 – Bea Kozera?

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