Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 136

Allen Ginsberg’s old shoes (a pair of sneakers made in then-communist Czechoslovakia) and a letter from Lawrence Ferlinghetti – part of the Allen Ginsberg Archives at Stanford University

An interesting review/profile/spotlight, coming off Bill Morgan’s recent talk at Stanford, the home of Allen’s Archive – and an enthused response (to that curious thing – the poetry archive) lead off the Friday Round-Up this week.and we mentioned already Peter Orlovsky’s archives, right?

Pat Nolan’s “The Quantum of Kerouac” in the current Poetry Flash is definitely worth a read.

David Barnett in The Guardian also has the Kerouac bug.San Francisco’s Beat gathering last week, the Beat Reunion, gets a tv profile from reporter Rebecca Bowring here. (Featured are interviews/sound bytes with Jerry Cimino, Alan Kaufman -and the glorious octogenarian Beat, ruth weiss).

Hilary Holladay’s Herbert Huncke biography, American Hipster gets two San Francisco airings – tonight, a “multi-media presentation” at the Beat Museum – and tomorrow, (a) “reading (and) book-signing, (complete with) rare film clips”, at Alley Cat Books over on 24th Street.

Jan Herman takes the occasion to recall his fleeting encounters with the man (and includes his New York Times Book Review review of Huncke’s Guilty of Everything“)here.

We’ll have more on American Hipster in the weeks to come.

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