Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 133

The Allen Ginsberg Festival kicks off next Thursday in San Francisco with a literar tour of North Beach by Allen’s biographer (and bibliographer) Bill Morgan. On Thursday night at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, you can learn more, as Bill is the guest in a conversation with poet, David MeltzerGravity Goldberg, will be on hand to moderate the discussion. For more about  the schedule for the following three days see here

Meanwhile, earlier (tomorrow in fact!), in England – in Canterbury (as part of the three-day Brainchild Festival) , the Poejazzi collaborative will be “working on a re-imagining of Allen Ginsberg’s badass classic”, (they’re naming it “Howl 2.0”). For more information on that particular project, see here

Allen-on-video – We’ve noted, some weeks back, the DVD re-release of Jerry Aronson’s essential document, The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg. Matt Hinrichs provides a detailed review of it here. And we’d second Gary Dretzka’s assessment in Movie City News (here – but you’ll need to scroll down) – “It’s a terrific film about a man many of us think we know everything about, but don’t”.

More Ginsberg Beat Memories – not sure if we ran this review (from the local paper, the San Francisco Examiner)

And finally, this news release (from Israel):
“A nearly forgotten translation of a play by Beat writer Allen Ginsberg – “Kaddish,” in a translation by poet David Avidan – is to be published by Dahak (publishers). Ginsberg’s poem of the same name, which was published in 1961 and translated ingto Hebrew by Natan Zach, is better known. The play is to be distributed in August to independent bookstores only, but will be available at the Little Prince Bookstore in Tel Aviv beginning next week Ginsberg adapted his poem into a play, which was first staged at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1971. Avidan’s translation was published in 1976 in the Hebrew journal Prosa. The translated play was put on at Habima Theater that same year.”

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