Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 135

Mayakovsky’s Birthday today. We’ll alert you to some of our earlier Mayakovsky postings – here, here, and here.

Michael Kurcfeld‘s video over at the LA Review of Books on the Jean-Jacques Lebel Ginsberg & Beats celebration is well worth perusing. See here.

San Francisco’s Beat Memories, the travelling show of Allen’s photographs is still up (so, if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of the CJM (Contemporary Jewish Museum…need we say more?)

Did we run this review? – one out of of many, (this is Renee Ghert-Zand, in the Times of Israel)

San Francisco “Beat Reunion” Program – Photograph by Neeli Cherkovski

The Allen Ginsberg Festival last week, linked to this, was, by all accounts, a great success. Here’s a shot of the crowd who made their way, last Friday, to the Mechanics’ Institute, to hear Steve Silberman, Gerald Nicosia, Jerry Cimino, Neeli Cherkovski, Alan Kaufman, Brenda Knight, among others..

San Francisco “Beat Reunion” – Photograph by Todd Swindell

Simon Warner (of Text and Drugs and Rock n’ Roll ) was recently subject to an hour-long special on WBEZ Chicago’s “Sound Options” with Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot. Audio for this (starting about 3 minutes in) can be found here

We hear William Blake’s house is up for sale, in genteel Sussex, England.

The new old Bob Dylan , “Another Self Portrait”, sounds interesting.

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