Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 132

Allen Ginsberg’s very last photograph (1997), taken from his loft at 404 East 14th Street, New York City (and featured in the show 404 East 14, currently on exhibit at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York)

Composite view of the bookshelves in Allen’s loft – Photograph c. The Estate of Allen Ginsberg (for a large composite panoramic view of the loft see here)

Allen Ginsberg – pencil drawing, by his upstairs neighbor Larry Rivers (another inhabitant of 404 East 14th – and likewise featured in the current Tibor de Nagy show)

404 East 14th Street, Allen’s last address, his loft, features in a lively exhibition curated by Tom Burckhardt, and on view these summer months at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery in New York, through until August 2nd

In case you missed it, heres footage of him showing off the place (freshly bought and, sadly, scarcely to be inhabited – by him) to the late Taylor Mead

Jean Jacques Lebel’s Beat extravaganza continues in Metz. Here‘s Frank Browning’s report in The Huffington Post Here‘s another brief video preview (featuring a fleeting appearance by Allen)

Last week’s City Lights 60th anniversary celebrations went well, we’re pleased to report

and last week’s “Snapshot Poetics Now – Queer Encounters with Allen Ginsberg” (at San Francisco’s Jewish Museum) – ┬áTirza Latimer has this report

Gay Pride Weekend coming up this weekend, June 29-30. More about that tomorrow.

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