May Day

May Day – street poster design by Eric Drooker

May Day. May Day Greetings from The Allen Ginsberg Project! With Allen this day (today) is always a special day. Remembering his pivotal (all-too-brief) tenure (in Prague, in 1965, the “Prague Spring” as “King of May” (Kral Majales) – and also his old IWW, “Wobbly”, roots – “America I feel sentimental about the Wobblies/ America I used to be a communist when I was a kid and I’m not sorry” – We always take great pleasure in spotlighting this  (from Cosmopolitan Greetings – a “parasong” (to use the phrase of the late-lamented Tuli Kupferberg) – Allen’s rousing rendition/alternative version of the (Fifth) Internationale

This poem is dedicated to Billy McKeever

Arise ye prisoners of your mind-set
Arise neurotics of the Earth
For Insight thunders Liberation
A sacred world’s in birth

No more attachment’s chains shall bind us
Mind’s Aggression no more rules
The Earth shall rise on new foundations
We have been jerks we shall be Fools

‘Tis the Path of Accumulation
Let each sit on his place
The International Crazy Wisdom School
Could save the Human Race

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