Friday Weekly Round Up – 124

Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky – “A.G & P.O. 5 Turner Terrace, Potrero Hill Housing Project, Peter’s kitchen, hot summer day 1956.” (Allen Ginsberg Caption) – Photograph c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Well, it’s a whole seven days later, but we couldn’t resist alerting you to the Doug Ireland skewered review of Steve Finbow’s bio (mostly for the clear, where-to-begin, response by Our Allen‘s Steve Silberman thanks Steve, for setting the record straight! – or, rather, keeping the record queer!) – see also comments by Jim Cohn and others in the (in this case, essential) “Comments” section following Ireland’s, regrettably, misguided piece.

Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and Peter Orlovsky at the 1973 Salem State College Jack Kerouac Symposium via Salem State

Remember the 1973 Jack Kerouac Conference at Salem State? – Maybe not. We posted footage and transcription from this legendary conference last year – here, here and here.
This year (this weekend), Salem is visiting the Kerouac legacy again. Today (Friday), there’s a panel with Ann Douglas, Gerald Nicosia, and Beat-scholar, Matt Theado, followed by a screening of Pull My Daisy (with a special guest appearance by David Amram). The event serves as the kick-off to the 2013 Massachusetts Poetry Festival.

Something that just might pass you by Vivid Tribe of Psychics seem to be making good use of Ginsberg material here and here.

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