Friday Weekly Round Up – 124

[Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky – “A.G & P.O. 5 Turner Terrace, Potrero Hill Housing Project, Peter’s kitchen, hot summer day 1956.” (Allen Ginsberg Caption) – Photograph c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

Well, it’s a whole seven days later, but we couldn’t resist alerting you to the Doug Ireland skewered review of Steve Finbow’s bio (mostly for the clear, where-to-begin, response by Our Allen‘s Steve Silberman thanks Steve, for setting the record straight! – or, rather, keeping the record queer!) – see also comments by Jim Cohn and others in the (in this case, essential) “Comments” section following Ireland’s, regrettably, misguided piece.

[Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and Peter Orlovsky at the 1973 Salem State College Jack Kerouac Symposium via Salem State]

Remember the 1973 Jack Kerouac Conference at Salem State? – Maybe not. We posted footage and transcription from this legendary conference last year – here, here and here.
This year (this weekend), Salem is visiting the Kerouac legacy again. Today (Friday), there’s a panel with Ann Douglas, Gerald Nicosia, and Beat-scholar, Matt Theado, followed by a screening of Pull My Daisy (with a special guest appearance by David Amram). The event serves as the kick-off to the 2013 Massachusetts Poetry Festival.

Here’s a quirky thing – an annotated “audience-participation” rendering of Allen’s 1956 Berkeley reading of “America” – “America I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing”

Speaking of quirky things, Vivid Tribe of Psychics seem to be making good use of Ginsberg material here and here.

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