Friday Weekly Round-Up – 128 (Whitman’s Birthday)

Walt Whitman (1819-1892)   c.1867-70 – Unknown photographer (probably William Kurtz) via The Walt Whitman Archives

Whitman’s birthday today!  (for Whitman-birthday celebration on The Allen Ginsberg Project see here and here)

and Allen’s birthday beckons!  (Monday June 3rd)

Howl Festival celebrations open tonight in New York, (inaugurated, as usual, with the regular group-reading” of “Howl”, co-ordinated by poet-impresario Bob Holman, (Bob Rosenthal and Eliot Katz, among those taking part in the event) – and there’ll be readings and performances taking place around the park (Tompkins Square Park) all day Saturday (more details here)

and Splab’s (12th) Annual Allen Ginsberg marathon reading takes place in Seattle tomorrow. Full details of that event here.

Opening today! – and on through till 9 September, Jean Jacques Lebel’s Beat extravaganza in (Pompidou-Metz)  France

and China’s “first-ever bilingual reading of Howl”!  [ 2014 update – this link and the poster that originally went with it, sadly no longer available] (that’s on Monday)

Keeping our eyes open for more Ginsberg celebration.

& our dear friend Anselm Hollo will be remembered and celebrated, (on Wednesday June 5th), in New York, at the St Marks Poetry Project. Among the readers/participants Anselm Berrigan, Bill Berkson, Lisa Jarnot, Steven Taylor, Simon Pettet

Allen’s photo-show, “Beat Memories” continues to elicit reviews (currently in its San Francisco location). Aaron Sankin’s  “Allen Ginsberg Photography Exhibit Shows Hidden Side of  Legendary Beat Poet” (hidden? really?) appeared recently in the Huffington Post, and Renee Ghert-Zand’s more extensive “Beat Memories Zooms In On Allen Ginsberg As Photographer”appeared recently in The Times of Israel.
Two further reviews, Corinne Platten in The Daily Californian (“captivating”) and Sura Wood  (“an engaging, very enjoyable exhibition”) in The Bay Area Reporter round out this review. 

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