Celebrating Peter Orlovsky

Nude With Onions (Portrait of Peter Orlovsky) by Robert LaVigne (1954)

Peter Orlovsky, Allen’s long-time partner died on this day in 2010. He was 77 years old. First glimpsed by Allen in the portrait above by Robert LaVigne

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Here’s a little photo portfolio. We fondly remember you, Peter

Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg in Lee Forrest’s room, Hotel de Londres, Paris, December 1957 – Photograph by Harold Chapman

Peter Orlovsky, Allen Ginsberg, (and Michael McClure) – Photograph by Larry Keenan

Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky, Boulder Colorado 1978. Photo c. Cynthia MacAdams

Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky, Frankfurt airport, 1978. Photo: Herbert Rusche

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