A Mix Tape/Allen Ginsberg Dancing

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 120

April 5 – Allen Ginsberg’s Parinirvana – April 5, 1997 – the date when Allen’s spirit left its bodily form. 

Big poetry celebration event tomorrow-night in Los Angeles (at Beyond Baroque) – Claiming Ginsberg – An Evening of Allen Ginsberg and Friends (featuring Ronee Blakely, Rick Overton, S.A. Griffin, Marc Olmsted, and a whole lot more). 

And speaking of the West Coast, a heads-up for the upcoming Hal Willner Kaddish performances (the performance at the San Francisco Jazz Festival is pretty much sold out, but you can still get tickets for the April 17 date at UCLARead More

Spontaneous Poetics – 56 (Edward Carpenter 3)

[The Angel Michael Binding Satan (“He Cast him into the Bottomless Pit and shut him up”)  (c.1805)  – William Blake (1757-1827), watercolor, ink and graphite on paper – collection of Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University]

AG: I’m going to take a little divigation footnote, because Edward Carpenter, aside from the beauties of his display of a side of Whitman, and the beauties of his display of practical observation, did one other thing, which is, he wrote one fantastic relatively unknown mystical poem which has a great flight of ideas in it, though it’s a bit long, five pages. But … Read More

Happy Birthday Anne Waldman

Happy Birthday, Anne Waldman – Allen’s “spiritual wife”, as she has occasionally been called, the co-creator of the Jack Kerouac School (of Disembodied Poetics) at Naropa University (not to mention, primary force of the St Marks Poetry Project) – [hats off too, incidentally, to Joel Oppenheimer, the first director, in the genesis of that venerable institution].

Please view our previous “content-rich” postings on the Allen Ginsberg Project about Anne, 2011 and 2012, here and here.

Since then, well, yet another whole year has gone by, and she shows no signs of slowing down. First and foremost, she has … Read More

April Fools Day – “I Feel Like Zeus Walking Through Red Square”

allen1“Where’ll this reach you? Got bounced out of Havana, landed in lovely Prague and stayed a month, now for the last couple of weeks I’ve been in Moscow and will go on to Warsaw and Budapest and London and see you in Berkeley this summer. Got drunk with Yevtushenko and waiting for Voznesensky to get back to town tomorrow. Everybody real here, it’s absolutely amazing. Very slow and difficult to penetrate underneath to some real life. I got St Basil’s onion dome and Kremlin walls outside my hotel window and have filled up many detailed notebooks all thru the … Read More