Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 122

cover for On Tibetan Buddhism, Mantras and Drugs – Interviews with Allen Ginsberg by Paul Lobo Portuges,published by Word Palace Press, San Luis Obispo, California, 2013

Cover illustration for the recently-published Brazilian (Portuguese) edition of Spontaneous Mind (Mente Espontanea) Selected Interviews 1958-1966, published by Novo Século (New Century) in São Paulo, Brazil, 2013

Cover illustration for original US edition of Spontaneous Mind – Selected Interviews 1958-1996, published by HarperCollins, New York, 2001

A follow-up on last week’s post about philistinism, and ignorance about Allen, in Arica, Chile. The controversy, it seems, has now effectively been resolved by an unequivocal public apology by Salvador Urrutia, that city’s Mayor – “nuestras disculpas a Allen Ginsberg por las desatinadas, fundamentalistas e intolerantes declaraciones en contra de sus poemas que se han realizado en los recintos de nuestra Municipalidad”  (“our apologies to Allen Ginsberg for misguided, fundamentalist and intolerant statements that have been made in the halls of our Municipality”), he writes. He also offers apologies (disculpas) to Daniel Rojas Pachas, the poet targeted,  “objeto de ataques absurdos“, (the) (object of  (these) absurd attacks).

Performances this past week (in both Los Angeles and San Francisco) of the Hal Willner-Chloe Webb-Bill Frisell-Ralph Steadman Kaddish, revised somewhat from itsNew York debut last year. Positive reports is what we’re hearing.

The manuscript (from the Ray Davids collection) of a segment of  Wales Visitation (Allen’s classic 1965 poem) that, as we reported a few weeks back, was up for sale at auction, surprised everyone, surpassing  the  £800 to £1,000 price-tag – it went for £3,125 (approximately $4,800).

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