April Fools Day – “I Feel Like Zeus Walking Through Red Square”

allen1“Where’ll this reach you? Got bounced out of Havana, landed in lovely Prague and stayed a month, now for the last couple of weeks I’ve been in Moscow and will go on to Warsaw and Budapest and London and see you in Berkeley this summer. Got drunk with Yevtushenko and waiting for Voznesensky to get back to town tomorrow. Everybody real here, it’s absolutely amazing. Very slow and difficult to penetrate underneath to some real life. I got St Basil’s onion dome and Kremlin walls outside my hotel window and have filled up many detailed notebooks all thru the last couple months. They got no answers here, anyhoo. Well hope you’re OK and wish you were here! I feel like Zeus walking through Red Square.”

[48 years ago – April Fools Day, April 1, 1965 – Allen Ginsberg to Gary Snyder]

Allen in Red Square, Moscow, 1965. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

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