A Mix Tape/Allen Ginsberg Dancing

“Allen Ginsberg Dancing” via Contemporary Poetry blog

A “mix tape“?  A little weekend-indulgence.

– Since we’re wondering if all these items were caught the first time they were posted, we’re running them (well, alerting you to them) again.

how about..

America/Closing Time – Allen Ginsberg/Tom Waits
Spell/Footnote to Howl – Patti Smith
Hadda Be Playing On The Jukebox -Rage Against The Machine
When The Light Appears Boy – Allen Ginsberg/Cornershop
Airplane Blues – Paul Relf
Gospel Noble Truths – Anne Waldman & Steven Taylor

Ghetto Defendant – Allen Ginsberg/The Clash
Birdbrain – Allen Ginsberg/ The Gluons
Hits of Sunshine (for Allen Ginsberg) – Sonic Youth
To Allen Ginsberg – Being There
Western Ballad – Shannon McNally


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