1,000th Posting

If we’ve got the maths right…

1,000 postings!

What an incredible resource The  Allen Ginsberg Project is! – On this momentous occasion, we’d ask you all a favor – Can you use our Comments section more? !  (we want to elicit and host some healthy debate – we don’t want to be “telling you things” all the time). Also, please, please, given the monumental numbers of links on this site (hyper-text and all that)  and the vagaries (out of our control) of the Internet, can you please write us (back-channel, we guess) of any links that have gone down and might be in need repair? – Oh, and use those links on the right-hand side  [This now refering to an outdated configuration]  (we don’t think they’re consulted enough – not the least, check out our voluminous archives, stretching back, all the way back to our first post of February, 2009) – and if you have, any time, any criticism, praise, thoughts or suggestions about what we’re doing…


  1. I;ve been reading these post everyday for about a year, no matter where I am. Thanks for the work you're putting into this…!

  2. Hurrah for the AGP and those who write and contribute to this blog. I love the Friday round-ups and the depth of information found here. Thanks, congratulations- now onward to the next 1,000 postings!

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