March 26 – Gregory Corso’s Birthday

Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso – “A Modest Portrait” – Tangier, Morocco, Spring 1961 –   Photograph by Allen Ginsberg, Copyright Allen Ginsberg Estate; Gregory Corso – “Alchemical Poem” – Alchemical Spring (Volume 9 of the unspeakable visions of the individual), 1979, Copyright Arthur & Kit Knight); Gregory Corso, Boulder, Colorado, circa 1978 – Photograph by Cynthia MacAdams, Copyright Cyntha MacAdams; “Rarely, Rarely, Comest Thou Spirit of Delight (Portrait of Keats and Shelley)”- Gregory Corso, c.1994, (31 1/2″ x 35″), oil on canvas board;  (originally collection of Allen Ginsberg);Untitled Drawing – Gregory Corso, 1991 (courtesy flickr (Paul Rickert, Rare Book Room); “Child Saturn’s Flower Is Up”, drawing by Gregory Corso (from the sequence of limited-edition prints, “The Saturn Family”), 1981, first published by the Parchment Gallery

Gregory Corso‘s birthday today. For further (extensive) Gregory postings see our quaintly-named Happy Birthday of Death posting here (that was the title of Gregory’s 1960 New Directions book, by the way), included in it is a useful Corso videography, which includes Francois Bernardi’s film, Original Beats (Corso and (Herbert) Huncke, in the early ’90’sat the Chelsea Hotel and in downtown New York). Additional out-takes from that movie are available here  (see also below)

Not Forgetting Gregory Corso, a post from May 2011 includes links to vintage audio Corso (including audio of his free-wheeling 1975 Naropa classes). For transcripts see here, here, here, here, here, here, here  and here. For arguementative cantankerous Gregory see here, here, here – and (unforgettably) here.

Here’s Gregory’s lucid observations on his friend, Jack Kerouac

Here‘s Francos Kuipers recollections of Gregory and Ah Roma.

Here’s Ed Sanders’ Woodstock Journal Portfolio

We wanted to focus this year (just a little) on the visual artist, Gregory. Check out this unique series of prints, commissioned and published in 1981 – “The Saturn Family” .

Here’s an original (undated) collage

Happy Birthday, Gregory!

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