Jack Kerouac’s Birthday

Jack Kerouac – 1942 Naval Reserve photograph – courtesy The Archive – Sketches on Kerouac

Jack Kerouac – Staten Island Ferry Dock, New York City 1953 (Photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate)

Jack Kerouac’s birthday today! – Happy Birthday, Jack! – Had he lived, he would have been (strange vision!) 91 years old

Here are some of our more choice Jack Kerouac posts from the Allen Ginsberg Project:
Here‘s Allen reading from Dharma Bums, here‘s Kerouac reading from American Haiku (for more vintage Kerouac recordings, check out these resources here). Here and here are the (video) record of the first Kerouac conference (in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1973), here‘s a little interesting addenda.

Two essential Kerouac movies have returned, temporarily, to You Tube – How long will they be up? – it’s anybody’s guess, but, right now, you can access them here and here. (notes/transcription from John Antonelli’s 1985 documentary may be found here)

Speaking of essential footage, there is, of course, this – and this.

Herménégilde Chiasson looks at the French connection (as does Joyce Johnson).

Henry Ferrini looks at Kerouac in Lowell (see also this past weekend’s posting)

Here are four postings on the Ginsberg-Kerouac Letters – here, here, here and here.

Here are observations on Mexico City Blues, and, more recently, the Collected Poems

Our 2010 birthday salute featured Jack’s extraordinary phantom baseball imagination, (and), in 2012, a portfolio of Allen’s photos of his sweet face.

Jack Kerouac’s proposed design for a paperback cover for his novel, On The Road. (1952)

Jack Kerouac interviewed by Fernand Seguin, 1967, Radio-Canada (Montreal) tv


  1. That is amazing Jack! He shows how is he touchy about children. He is not a rebel but he is a real modern romantic.

  2. Amazing entry, and happy birthday Jack- – so much information at this site and it really hits the high notes. Thanks Ginsberg blog!

  3. I recommend Joyce Johnson's The Voice is All, new biography of Kerouac.Also of unrelated interest: photo of Ai Wei Wei with Ginsberg in NYC,featured in recent Hirshhorn Exhibit of Wei's work 3/13.

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