Andy Clausen

Introducing Andy Clausen‘s “Without Doubt” in 1991, Allen wrote: “Andy Clausen’s character voice is heroic, a vox populi of the democratic unconscious, a “divine average” thinking working man persona. As “one of the rough”, a Whitmanic laborer, precisely a union hod-carrier longstanding, his bardic populism is grounded on long years’ painful study experience earning family bread by the sweat of his brow. His comments on the enthusiastic ‘sixties, defensive ‘seventies, unjust ‘eighties and bullying ‘nineties present a genuine authority in America not voiced much in little magazine print, less in newspapers of record, never in political theatrics through Oval … Read More

Kill Your Darlings – A Dissenting Voice

[Dane DeHaan plays Lucien Carr in John Krokidas’ 2013 movie, Kill Your Darling]

[Lucien Carr (1925-2005)]

Kill Your Darlings, John Krokidas’ movie that just premiered at Sundance, starring Daniel Radcliffe as Allen, has been garnishing some success. Picked up by Sony Pictures Classics for international distribution, we’re, undoubtedly, going to hear more (much more!). Nominally biographical (but not really), the movie skirts around some issues of historical accuracy – some would argue – fatally. The ethics of movie-making, the ethics of dealing with, not fabrications but real lives. Bob Rosenthal, Allen’s long-time confidant and secretary, head of … Read More

William Burroughs Birthday

[William Burroughs on his Cabin Porch, Lone Star Lake,Lawrence Kansas, May 28, c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]


We’ve featured some of this footage before – William S Burroughs’ Home Movies – but no matter. Here on the occasion of what would have been William Burroughs’ 99th birthday is the full feature – Lars Movin and Steen Møller Rasmussen’s 2007 documentary Words of Advice – William S Burroughs On The Road, featuring priceless documentation of his 1983 reading tour in Denmark, combined with other later Burroughs-in-Lawrence-Kansas footage, and contributions from James Grauerholz, John Giorno, Hal Willner, Jennie Skirl,Read More

Spontaneous Poetics – 32 (Reading List 3) (Mayakovsky and Kenneth Koch)

AG: Mayakovsky. We’ll have a recording of Mayakovsky reciting a poem in the library soon. Mayakovsky and Esenin, two great Russian poets. Only eight people (from our recent survey) (have) read Mayakovsky, so..   His most famous poem is called “At The Top of My Voice”. In fact, you could get Mayakovsky from the library.

Student: Right now?

AG: Yeah

Student: I don’t know if they’re open still.

AG: Friday, it’s closed. Never mind. Never mind. I’ll get to it. Well, I put in the library a very good edition of Mayakovsky that I bought in … Read More

Allen Ginsberg – 1994 Greek TV Interview

Here’s a find – courtesy “redfox60” and “Daily Motion”. Allen in 1994, in performance and being interviewed (lucid as always), on Greek tv – the presentation, by one Giorgos Kappa (a film with Greek sub-titles). Please excuse (we know you will) the fact that it’s not exactly synch-sound, but.. more than made-up for by substance. (excuse also the possibility of a little advertising sneaking in at the beginning there!)

The piece opens with black-and-white footage of Allen with his harmonium performing “Father Death Blues”, also fleeting shots of New York City, and then the first segment of the interview.  … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 111

An autographed signed poem (and accompanying signed letter) by Allen, from 1971 -“On Neal Cassidy’s (sic) Ashes” – goes up on the auction block (Bonham’s, San Francisco) later this month. Estimate $800 – $1200. Stephen J Gertz writes about it on Booktryst here.

Another piece of Allen ephemera recently posted by “Melanie” at “The Poisoned Ink Well”: 

“One of my most treasured possessions”, she notes. The “very funny” poem of hers (“Your Dick”) that he refers to can be seen in its entirety here (scroll down) – “Your dick was so fine/Your dick was circumcised/Your dick was a gun … Read More