Andy Clausen

Introducing Andy Clausen‘s Without Doubt in 1991, Allen wrote: “Andy Clausen’s character voice is heroic, a vox populi of the democratic unconscious, a “divine average” thinking working man persona. As “one of the rough”, a Whitmanic laborer, precisely a union hod-carrier longstanding, his bardic populism is grounded on long years’ painful study experience earning family bread by the sweat of his brow. His comments on the enthusiastic ‘sixties, defensive ‘seventies, unjust ‘eighties and bullying ‘nineties present a genuine authority in America not voiced much in little magazine print, less in newspapers of record, never in political theatrics through Oval Office airwaves. The expensive bullshit of Government TV poetics suffers diminution of credibility placed side-by-side with Mr Clausen’s direct information and sad raw insight. Would he were, I’d take my chance on a President Clausen”

Andy’s new (second volume of) Selected Poems, Home of the Blues, is just out, and, alongside it, we would draw your attention to this – “President at Home of the Blues”, Michalis Limnios’ illuminating interview with him – “There are saints and assholes everywhere!” (great quote!)

Here’s Andy performing the title poem (with back-up/accompaniment from Sylvie Degiez, Angela Babin, Perry Robinson and Gerry Drum Achee)

Andy has also been (and continues to be) hard at work on his memoir – “Allen, Gregory (Corso) and Me”. Here’s a taster of that work:


Andy Clausen Reading Allen Ginsberg at the recent celebration of the re-issue of “First Blues” at the Housing Works Bookstore, New York City, January 2013

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