Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 108

Next Wednesday, January 16 in New York – Join Allen Ginsberg’s friends, collaborators, relatives and co-conspirators – Lou Reed, Steven Taylor, Anne Waldman, Ambrose Bye, CA Conrad, Andy Clausen, David Amram, the Arthur Russell tribute band, Arthur’s Landing, & others for “a night of poetry and song” in one of the quintessential downtown New York Spaces, the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, to breathe new life into “First Blues”, Ginsberg Recordings new special edition/limited vinyl reissue.

A tad overly tongue-in-cheek, but ultimately “won over” – (“sharp insight and analysis of one of the American icons of  the last century”, she (reluctantly?) declares) – Sarah Sarai’s review, in Lamda Literary Review, of Steve Finbow’s recent Allen Ginsberg biography may be read here.

More Allen analysis from our good friend Eliot Katz, another (yes, yet another!) of the extraordinary Blues and Greece interviews. Eliot’s can be found here.   

Speaking of interviews, did everybody catch Christopher Bollen’s interview with the now 93-years-young Lawrence Ferlinghetti in last month’s Interview magazine?

We neglected to mention it last week, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the passing (sadly) of another of the great voices of American poetry (and a peer of Allen’s – they appear together in the film, Poetry In Motion), Jayne Cortez. Her New York Times obituary can be read here.

Barbara Rubin’s Christmas on Earth exhibit continues for a few more days at New York’s Boo-Hooray Gallery. J.Hoberman’s review of it may be accessed here.

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