Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 107

Marsden Hartley (1878-1943) – Finnish-Yankee Sauna, (1938-9), Collection of the Frederick R Weisman Museum, Minneapolis

Marsden Hartley‘s birthday today. Hartley was a figure Allen admired, not only as a painter, but (perhaps even more) as a strangely neglected poet. For more on Hartley the poet see here and here. For more (audio – Allen at Naropa on Hartley) – see here and here).

Beat Memories – the definitive exhibition of Allen’s photographs (that debuted at the National Gallery in Washington DC in 2010 (see here, here and here) makes its way to New York City for the coming year.  January 15, it’ll be opening at NYU’s Grey Gallery, on show through April 6th.  (From May to September (May 23 – September 8) it travels to San Francisco, for further exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum).

Kerouac’s poems – (see here our last year’s post about the Collected Poems) – Here‘s Joe Winkler in The Rumpus with a spirited review.

And speaking of previous posts – Iain Sinclair?  on Charles Olson? – We have already noted Iain’s stimulating essay on visiting Gary Snyder (published this past May in the London Review of Books.  Here’s another more recent piece by Iain, equally stimulating.
(We should also perhaps mention (why not?) his classic book-length Kodak Mantra Diaries – on Allen (recently republished by Kevin Ring’s Beat Scene – Beat Scene, in fact, are going to be making a small limited-edition book of the Snyder piece – “Kitkitdizze: Meeting Gary Snyder” – Grab it while you can! – 125 copies).

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