Üvöltés – Allen & Lazlo Foldes’ Hobo Blues Band

Our Christmas posting – Allen and the Hobo Blues Band‘s “Come Back Christmas” was from Üvöltés.
Here’s the whole album, released, in Hungary, on the Krem/Hungaroton label in 1987.

The line-up was Laszlo Foldes (vocals), Dezso Dome (drums), Laszlo Fuchs (piano, electric organ and synthesizer & vocals), Egon Poka (bass, guitar, synthesizer & vocals), Rudolf Janos Toth (guitar, violin & vocals) &  Allen (vocals and harmonium).

The track-listing – “Gospel Noble Truths” (sung in English), “Tear Gas Rag“, “Guru Blues”, “Come Back Christmas”, “Cafe in Warsaw”, “Sickness Blues” (again in English) and – side two – “Howl” (excerpts from Carl Solomonert’s (sic) Hungarian translation of the poem, recited by Foldes against an increasingly swelling organ-bass-drums background)

Here’s an alternative version (in fact, several alternative versions) of Allen’s “Gospel Noble Truths”

and here’s an alternative “Guru Blues”.


  1. 01 – Gospel Noble Truths (Nemes Igazságok Evangéliuma) 4:36
    02 – Könnygáz Rag (Tear Gas Rag) 1:41
    03 – Guru Blues 5:11
    04 – Jöjj vissza Karácsony (Come Back Christmas) 3:48
    05 – Kávéház Varsóban (Café in Earsaw) 4:47
    06 – Sickness Blues (Beteség Blues) 5:00
    07 – Üvöltés – Carl Solomonért (Howl – For Carl Solomon) 26:46

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