Spontaneous Poetics (Ballads) – Helen Adam 5

[“Sir Patrick Spens” (Child Ballad 58) sung and performed by Fairport Convention (lead vocal – Sandy Denny)]


AG: Okay, “Sir Patrick Spens”. It’s one of the most famous…

HA: Yes
AG: There was one other thing that you said, which was that they..jumped?..or what did you say? What was that? What was the phrase for that?
Student: “Jump cut”.
AG: Jump cut. A jump cut is from what?
Student: Film.
AG: Film.
HA: Uh-huh.
AG: In ballad, there’s a lot of jump cut, that is, a fast switch from one situation and image to something that … Read More

Spontaneous Poetics (Ballads) – Helen Adam 4

HA: Okay, This is a little sort of semi-song and semi-telling a story. [Helen Adam sings her own ballad, “Farewell Stranger”, accompanied by Allen on finger cymbals] – “Morning noon and night time/ The sea wind blows the sand/ Wherever I walk wherever I run/ I’m a stranger in this land./ Someone’s walking behind me/ Someone always alone/ Playing a tune with her smiling mouth/ On a flute of splintered bone./ I’m a thousand miles over thirsty land/ To the summer salting sea/ Wherever I walk wherever I run/ There’s a stranger following me./ A window opens above the wave/ … Read More

World AIDS Day

[Keith Haring ‘untitled, figures representing the aids virus’ May 13, 1989. Water color and ink on paper.]

Taking time out on World AIDS Day, to remember those who didn’t survive and to appreciate how far we’ve come, but to acknowledge, also, how much work is still needed. Far too many children are born with AIDS everyday and it’s within our power to bring those numbers closer to zero.  

Some  Resources: 

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