Chris Cavill’s Illustrated Ginsberg

We’ve already featured Zach de la Rocha and Rage Against the Machine doing it – and a tip of the hat to “resident Ginsberg illustrator”, Eric Drooker – but wanted to share this:  Chris Cavill’s full-length illustration of Allen’s “Hadda Be Playing On The Jukebox” – “It had to be flashing like the Daily Double/ It had to be playing on t.v./ It had to be loud-mouthed on the Comedy Hour/ It had to be announced over loud Speakers…”   We should note that Allen actually uses “Hadda be” in all cases instead of “Had to be” as RATM and … Read More

Howl – Naropa – 1975

After our sophomoric Halloween posting, we thought we’d better do right and post the real thing, Allen Ginsberg’s Howl. The recording here (given along with the complete text of the poem) is from the August 1975 Naropa reading (also available here). This presentation is in two parts, the second part, “Part III and Footnote to Howl” may be accessed here.  The Internet Archive version has on it also readings by Anne Waldman and other poems by Allen. It begins with a Prajnaparamita (Heart Sutra) chant (“Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha“)  Allen begins his reading about 39 minutes … Read More

Friday Weekly Round-Up – 98

[Allen Ginsberg, 1995, in his East Village (New York City) kitchen – photo by Geoff Manaugh]

Witness (on the BBC’s World Service) – ‘history as told by the people who were there” – Last Monday’s episode (download-able from their site – and also available here) features memories by Michael McClure on the legendary Gallery Six “Howl” reading (and includes a brief excerpt of him reading from one of the poems he himself read on that ground-breaking occasion, “For The Death of 100 Whales”).

Kerouac? – more Kerouac? – well, there’s always going to be more … Read More

Allen’s Astrological Chart

[AG note: “file astrological chart or any other appropriate title”]
Allen’s astrological chart. We’ve had this for some time in safe-keeping. In a note in The Woodstock Journal, astrologer Eric Francis, (the astrologer who drew it up), has observed:

“With (his) Sun and Mercury tightly aligned in Gemini and in the powerfully mental third house (the astrological engine room) we get an astrological picture of his (Ginsberg’s) brilliant linguistic gift”…(He) has one of those charts you could cut up with scissors, pick up any one piece at random, and (still) read the whole horoscope accurately”.

“But one feature in

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