Nanao Sakaki – How To Live On The Planet Earth

So we’re delighted to announce the publication of Nanao Sakaki’s Collected Poems from Gary Lawless and Beth Leonard’s estimable Blackberry Books ((Blackberry Books, 617 East Neck, Nobleboro, Maine 04555. USA) – How To Live On The Planet Earth. An essential book.

See our last year’s posting on Nanao here.
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(including this).

Here’s a brief glimpse of footage of Nanao and Allen

– and here’s Nanao in Venice in 2001 (including Italian translation – and


  1. Nanao's new book has been delayed a tiny bit as Gary Snyder has offerred to contribute a new foreword, but we still plan on the publishing date of January 1 – Nanao's "birthday"
    Oh my Buddha!
    Gary Lawless
    Blackberry Books

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