Nanao Sakaki – How To Live On The Planet Earth

┬áSo we’re delighted to announce the publication of Nanao Sakaki’s Collected Poems from Gary Lawless and Beth Leonard’s estimable Blackberry Books ((Blackberry Books, 617 East Neck, Nobleboro, Maine 04555. USA) – How To Live On The Planet Earth. An essential book.

See our last year’s posting on Nanao here.

Here’s a brief glimpse of footage of Nanao and Allen

– and here’s Nanao in Venice in 2001 (including Italian translation – and


  1. Nanao's new book has been delayed a tiny bit as Gary Snyder has offerred to contribute a new foreword, but we still plan on the publishing date of January 1 – Nanao's "birthday"
    Oh my Buddha!
    Gary Lawless
    Blackberry Books

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