Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 98

Allen Ginsberg, 1995, in his East Village (New York City) kitchen – photo by Geoff Manaugh

Witness (on the BBC’s World Service) – ‘history as told by the people who were there” – Last Monday’s episode (download-able from their site – and also available here) features memories by Michael McClure on the legendary Gallery Six “Howl” reading (and includes a brief excerpt of him reading from one of the poems he himself read on that ground-breaking occasion, “For The Death of 100 Whales”).

Kerouac? – more Kerouac? – well, there’s always going to be more Kerouac. Good news this week is Shout! Factory’s DVD release of Malcolm Hart, Lewis MacAdams and Richard Lerner’s  classic 1986 documentary, What Happened To Kerouac?.  For more on that important re-release see here – “The Beat Goes On” (ack! not that cliched title again!) – but (on the up-side) we’re pleased to report, this DVD presentation features over two hours (that’s right, over two hours!) of previously-unseen footage, intriguing left-over footage from all the original interviews.
Joyce Johnson, meanwhile, continues to promo’ her Kerouac book, The Voice Is All… Here‘s her PBS interview.
and, speaking of profiles, here’s the New York Times profile of Jerry Cimino’s San Francisco Beat Museum.
– and here’s one we missed – Brian Hassett recollecting (a significant Kerouac moment?) the Christie’s selling of  the fabled  On The Road scroll  (now currently on show, at the British Library, in London)

Jacques Barzun, Allen’s Columbia teacher, died last week (at the truly extraordinary age of 104!). Here is his obituary. “A master of politeness” is how Allen once described him. And here‘s Barzun on Allen (and Bill Morgan‘s necessary corrective and observations “Faulty Memory Syndrome”!)

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