Allen’s Astrological Chart

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Allen’s astrological chart. We’ve had this for some time in safe-keeping. In a note in The Woodstock Journal, astrologer Eric Francis, (the astrologer who drew it up), has observed: “With (his) Sun and Mercury tightly aligned in Gemini and in the powerfully mental third house (the astrological engine room) we get an astrological picture of his (Ginsberg’s) brilliant linguistic gift”…(He) has one of those charts you could cut up with scissors, pick up any one piece at random, and (still) read the whole horoscope accurately”.

“But one feature in particular screams out – an exact (to the minute) conjunction between Venus (who represents the feminine, erotic, attractive and creative human nature, and Chiron, who is a powerful spiritualizing force that works mainly through early wounding…Simply, Venus conjunct Chiron is about our wounded feminine side.”

Elsewhere, the significance of the Moon has been noted. Significantly, both Allen and William Blake were born under a powerful Twelfth House Moon.

Helen Weaver in her analysis of the chart of Jack Kerouac (and the comparative chart of Allen) writes: “Ginsberg’s Pisces Moon, Mars and Uranus all lie over Kerouac’s Uranus/Fortune, Sun, and Venus like spokes of a wheel in three conjunctions whose mathematical precision suggests that these men were destined to work together; one of the most striking examples of synastry I’ve ever seen.”

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