William Burroughs Home Movies

Yesterday, we featured William Burroughs being interviewed by Kathy Acker (in 1988). Today we continue a Burroughs weekend with the legendary, cinema verite, Lawrence, Kansas, home-movie footage shot by Wayne Probst (and edited by Michelle Tran), in, as the date-stamp shows, August of 1996 – Burroughs in retirement, with, as it turned out, less than a year left to live (August of the next year he would pass away).

Old Bull discusses the usual – guns and ammunition, weaponry (shows off his blackjack), Allen appears approximately five-and-a-half-minutes in (head dips into the (left hand) corner of the frame) – and is seen again, comfortable and relaxed, later, quietly eating his supper. Steve Buscemi (currently filming Queer (and also appearing in a cameo role in On The Road) is seen in the company, as is William’s secretary and amanuensis, the redoubtable James Grauerholz. Patti Smith‘s mournful strumming provides a fitting sound track

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